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Woman Not Sure How Mad to Be at Not Receiving Her Nickel of Change

Standing frustrated outside of Chinese takeout joint Wing Hua, Carroll Gardens resident Nicky Sheaffer isn’t sure how angry she’s entitled to be at not getting the nickel in change that should’ve technically been due to her.

“It’s like, I know it’s only five cents, but I think it’s really the principle of the whole thing that’s throwing me for a loop,” says Sheaffer of the emotionally perplexing incident. “I feel like I was cheated out of something, but if it’s such a small amount, does it even count?”

Sheaffer reports giving the cashier $11.50 for her meal of pork fried dumplings, crab sticks, and a peach Snapple, as well as “feeling like an asshole” after waiting several seconds for the change she was never to receive.

“I locked eyes with the cashier waiting for her to cough it up, and once she gave me that look of ‘what are you still doing here?’, I knew it was all over,” Sheaffer recalls with annoyance before becoming self-conscious about her ultimate in first-world problems. “Maybe she just didn’t realize I gave her fifty cents instead of forty-five...but how could you miss that? There’s no way. I gave her two quarters! What the fuck?!”

At press time, Sheaffer is feeling positively gaslit after discovering that despite the server’s assurances, her dumplings did not come with an extra side of sweet chili sauce.

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