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Members of White Supremacist Group Now Prefer Term "Morally Divergent" to "Nazi"

Members of the white supremacist organization Aryan Nations have announced in a statement to the press that going forward, they would like to be referred to as “morally divergent persons” rather than “Nazis” by the general public.

“These last few years have shone a spotlight on the stigma our community has always been up against,” chapter leader Dade Cutler said in a sober tone. “We’ve had so many labels forced upon us: Nazis, neo-Nazis--the list goes on and on. And it’s all for advocating for the white, Christian, heterosexual and genetically pristine ethnostate that our forefathers always envisioned for us. All for being different.”

Dodging an empty Coke bottle sailing toward his head, Cutler pressed forward. “But people like us--people who don’t conform to societal fads or hate crime legislation--we, too, have a voice, and that voice is valid.”

Explaining that the term “morally divergent” examines their hatred of dark skin and “the Jewish elite” with a spirit of affirmation rather than judgement, chapter secretary Taylor “Dixie Man” Morgan emphasized the need for more inclusive language in order to hold space for those with differing ethical abilities.

“We’re all in this ballpark called America--and it’s time we all get a chance in the field,” Morgan thundered, his face aglow in the light of his tiki torch. The impassioned race realist then went on to decry the portrayal of white supremacists as the go-to villains in film and television.

“We all saw that two-parter of All In The Family where the Kweens Kouncil of Krusaders threaten to burn that cross on the Bunkers’ lawn. The lack of nuance they exhibited would be laughable, if it weren’t perpetuating such harmful stereotypes. The overwhelming majority of our work is done through beatings at night or in secluded areas and peaceable voter intimidation--but of course, the media doesn’t want you to know that.”

The conference came to a close with Cutler, Morgan, and several Aryans-in-Training admonishing groups like the Anti-Defamation League and NAACP for using “marginalizing rhetoric” to characterize them and other supremacist organizations, including terms such as “hate group,” “domestic terrorists,” and “not condemned by former President Trump before public pressure mounted.”

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