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Inspiring: This Woman Won't Address Her Cannabis Addiction, No Matter What Literally Everyone Says

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

There are some stories you hear that blow you away with #winspiration, and this is definitely one of them. In spite of protests from family, close friends, colleagues, and casual observers, Brooklyn resident Jessica Topig refuses to stop, or even decrease, her marijuana use for any reason. Wow.

Even as loved ones' concerns have reached fever pitch regarding Topig's continuous spiral into depression, she remains steadfast, reminding them that weed "is the only thing keeping me from blowing my fucking head off." Similar adversity arose during a performance review last month, when her employer noted a decrease in focus, productivity, and being sober during work hours. But Topig wouldn't be bullied without a fight. A tearful defense of its use for her chronic migraines and helping her "creative flow," along with rabid insistence that she could send HR a copy of her medical marijuana card, was all it took to put her boss in his place. Can you say "Girl Boss"?

Though her bravest display occurred just last week, when a passerby spotted Topig getting ripped from a hollowed, moderately oxidized apple outside of a Little Caesar's. Stating that she herself was a recovering addict who once displayed behaviors identical to Topig, her elitism was palpable. But Topig, once more, stood her ground. In words just coherent enough, the young Brooklynite cursed at the interloper before throwing the ash-littered fruit directly at her face.

So there you have it. When it comes to standing by her principles, particularly and solely when it comes to weed, this determined young woman won't let her beliefs fall by the wayside. And to the scores of those watching Topig deteriorate by the minute, inside and out, you'd better remember: her life, her choice.

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