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Critics Praise Kelsey Grammer's Command Performance As Decent Husband

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

In acting that defies possibility, 'Frasier' star Kelsey Grammer melts audiences' hearts in his latest role as a decent husband to his spouse.

The four-times married Grammer has taken viewers by storm as Lane Tennyson, a husband and father that enjoys being a husband and father. Scrupulous and devoted, Tennyson doesn't cheat on or gaslight his wife once during the entirety of the pilot--a performance far and away from the actor's everyday life.

"He really went out of his comfort zone for this one," remarked TV reviewer Julian Hoth. "When you watch him not divorcing or belittling his spouse to any tabloid that'll listen, you really see the range of his talent. That kind of commitment to a role is nothing less than inspiring."

Audience members were brought to tears during a particularly moving scene, when instead of having sex with a flight attendant 25 years his junior after a marital dispute, Grammer’s Tennyson apologized for his role in the conflict and asserted his commitment to his partner.

“It’s acting like his that really brings a character to life,” gushed Entertainment Weekly Correspondent Dana Schwartz. "You see him out there, treating women with a modicum of dignity, and you can hardly believe he's the same guy that tattooed his current wife's name on his penis as a safeguard against further infidelity. Yeah! I almost forgot that happened, too!"

But perhaps the most resounding response to Grammer’s performance comes from the man himself, who, when asked about his feelings surrounding the role, had this to say: “That bitch [Camille] got $30 million in the divorce. I sent her a nice text breaking things off--no games--and she gets something from me...Why didn’t I do the pre-nup?”

After a moment’s reflection, Grammer concluded with a wistful nod: “I got that good [fourth wife, Kayte Walsh] pussy, though. Rocked it in a snowbank near some shitty cafe in London, the first time. Called it ‘the snow plow.’ It’s good pussy.”

With a performance unanimously praised, Grammer has proven that pretending to have a conscience for thirty minutes at a time is an actor's best kept secret--and one that will no doubt immortalize his legacy as a tour de force of the small screen.

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